Smart business expense management features at your mobile

No Data entry

Our software captures data from receipts Avoiding any data entry. Accounting team doesn’t have to capture data from paperForms.


Employees are alerted to file expense claim On time. Approvers are sent notification of Pending claims. No more chasing around People to get expense settlement.


Avoid audit pitfalls by upfront addressing Policy violation thru our powerful policy Engine. Author your custom hierarchy based Expense policies.


Our real time reporting allows you to compare Budget Vs actual spend by team, expense type,Vendor and date ranges


We integrate with major accounting softwares in the market. We help with integration to your custom field force software

Workflow customization

Customize your workflow to include multiple levels of approval as per your organizations need.


Track Spend Against Multiple Projects or Client


Track Cash Advance And Reconcile Automatically


Store Receipt Images In Cloud For Upto 7 Years


Capture GST Related Information


Budget Alert Notification At Department Or Project Level


Partial Approval To Skip Questionable Expenses

We work closely with our customers and provide Flexible pricing options. Please provide your contact Information so that our team can schedule a call with you.


  • Mobile App
  • Single approver
  • Single approval level
  • Simple policies
  • Supports 50 or Less active users
per month
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  • Mobile App
  • Multiple approver
  • Hierarchical approval chain
  • Advanced policies
  • Supports 51 to 500 active users
  • Sync with Tally
per month
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  • Mobile App
  • Multiple approver
  • Hierarchical approval chain
  • Custom Business logic
  • Physical receipt verification service
  • Advanced policies
  • Supports 500 or more active users
  • Sync with Tally or other enterprise Accounting systems
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